Jon Braver
Stunt Coordinator

Los  Angeles  based  action  specialist  Jon  Braver  has  performed  in  some  of  the  industry's  most  acclaimed  films  and  television  shows  including  INDIANA  JONES  and  the  KINGDOM  OF  THE  CRYSTAL  SKULL,   IRONMAN,   THE  KINGDOM,  STAR  TREK  XI,  &  STOP-LOSS  to  name  a  few.  Over  the  years,  Jon  has   had  the  privilege  to  work  for  and  with  some  of  the  best   stunt  coordinators  and  directors  in  the  industry.   Working  with  these  talented  individuals  has  enabled  Jon  to  understand  what  it  takes  to  deliver  a  director's  vision.  Jon's talent lies in his range.   Explosive  wire  work,  creative  fight  sequences,  sword fighting, acting  and  driving  fill  out just  some  of  that  range.  

 Originally from Chicago, Jon began his career, one could say, in High School.  From skateboarding, gymnastics, martial arts, sword fighting and what is now called "freerunning" Jon played around with every physical sport.  It was not until he saw a Jackie Chan film called "Drunken Master 2" in 1990 that he realized his calling.  Yet, music was equally as passionate a field to him.  Jon  attended  and  graduated  from Chicago  Musical  College  with  a  degree  in  Music  Business  and  Guitar.  While  attending  College Jon  worked  as  a  professional  gymnastic  coach, studied  acting (at  the  famous Second City Chicago), practiced martial arts  and sword fighting.  Yet,  he  never  lost  sight  of  the  dream  of  stunt  work.  He  decided  to  pack  up  and  take  a  shot  at  the  film  industry.  Long  story  short,  Jon  has  built  an  impressive resume  due  not  only  to  his  skills  and  determination ( and luck...everyone needs luck) but  his professional  attitude.