Natalie Khoury

Natalie Khoury received her degree in 2001 from the University of California Los Angeles with a major in Theater, Film and Television and a minor in business economics. She has worked in the production side of entertainment industry since 1997. She began as an assistant at The Bauer Management Company and Saban Entertainment before becoming a producer with Pelagius Films Inc., in 2007.

Khoury has proven her worth by bringing in project financing and spearheading important film and television projects for Pelagius Films Inc. In addition Khoury has been acting since 1991. Her participation in a number of plays, commercials and independent films landed her roles on various televisions shows and movies such as, “Ocean Ave,” (principle character—over 100 episodes) “Seventh Heaven,” “Guiding Light,” “One Tree Hill,” and “Guardian of The Realm.”

This unique combination of acting, producing and financing makes Natalie Khoury a triple threat in the motion picture industry.