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Growing up with a passion for monsters and special effects Ted discovered at an early age an uncanny ability to create fanciful objects out of his imagination.

After being greatly influenced by films such as Forbidden Planet and Star Wars, Ted moved to Los Angeles in 1989 and began building miniatures, props, and costumes for such films as Batman Returns, The Fifth Element, Contact, Titanic, Spy Kids, and A.I. More recently he has worked on The Kingdom, Valkirie, GI-JOE, AVATAR, and upcoming films The Sorcerer s Apprentice, Priest, The Last Airbender, and The Green Hornet to name a few. He also contributed his talents to television shows such as Xena; Warrior Princess, Power Rangers, Alias and CSI Miami. Never limiting himself , Ted also toured with music legend Rob Zombie, managing the live stage and effects.

Ted s first feature length film Guardian Of The Realm, an action packed Sci-Fi movie was released in June of 2006. The film s cult status was cemented with a long cable run and large international DVD campaign. He is currently developing his new feature project SPACE PIRATES.